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Know our business, CASE STUDY # 1

In the coming months, we will provide an overview of the business structure of our important clients and the contribution of Logistika Plus to the development of our clients’ business.

Case study # 1 – Client: An electronics company

  • a. A brief description of the client’s business and the client itself
  • b. What was the challenge / problem for the company that led the client to contact us (or how did the collaboration start)?
  • c. What was / is the solution of Logistika Pluss to the problem?
  • d. What is the client’s benefit – time, money, fewer work processes, etc.?

The client of Logistika Pluss is an electronics industry company that has focused its activities on the development and production of electrical and electronic equipment. Estonian representation office and production is located in Harju County, suppliers of original parts (components) and the end customers are located all over the world.

The client first turned to Logistika Plus with the need for warehouse space, which developed rapidly to the production of solutions supporting production. The client’s firm desire is to keep the production space for efficient production and not to use his own production space for the storage of non-moving goods and consignments.

The customer buys a total of original parts (components) from all over the world, which are stored in the warehouse space of Logistika Pluss. Logistika Pluss offers the client services that support its production – it checks the quality of the components, registers the components in the stock accounting programme (which is also visible to the client). If the components are defective (delivery defects), Logistika Pluss will repair and supplement the components in agreement with the client.

Both the original parts (components) and the final production are warehoused in the Logistics Pluss’s Välja tee’s logistics center in Iru.

Client’s benefit: the client does not have its own warehouse space (fixed costs have become variable costs) and Logistika Pluss is willing to provide production support services as an outsourcing partner for additional work or control and the ability to implement them 3x faster than the client thanks to a 24/7 service.

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