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Know our business, CASE STUDY # 2

Why an international food and beverage company, that is a customer of Logistika Pluss, choose us?

Know our business, Case study 2

The client of Logistika Pluss is one of the leading food and beverage companies in Europe, of which production and European central warehouse are in Eastern Europe. 5-6 different brands are marketed in Estonia.

The client needed a central warehouse service in Estonia to help the stores and central warehouses of Estonian retail companies (Maxima, Selver, Coop, etc.).

The client delivers the goods to the Logistics Pluss logistics center, where the goods are inspected, registered in the warehouse accounting system, while the availability and the shelf life of the goods (best before) are monitored on a batch-by-batch basis. In the Logistika Pluss stock accounting database, the client can see sales reports, return reports, the best before deadlines, product movements.

The customer places regular orders, after which the shipment is assembled following the pre-fixed shipping conditions, such as the batch and the best before the deadline. Logistika Pluss arranges transport across the Estonian retail company’s warehouse or to stores on the basis of an agreed delivery schedule.

Prerequisites for providing the service offered by Logistika Pluss:

1. Nationwide distribution network;

2. Class A warehouses with temperature and humidity monitoring system;

3. Warehouse management system with batch traceability and FEFO (First Expired First Out) capability;

4. Identifier of the organic handler of the Veterinary and Food Board;

5. Value-added services – labelling, packaging, defect detection and correction, return handling;

6. High delivery quality – 99.6% (order picking and delivery time).

We deliver goods to customers in 350 destinations all over Estonia every week.

Logistika Pluss satisfies the warehousing and distribution logistics needs of an international customer.

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