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Know our business, CASE STUDY # 4

What services does Logistika Pluss provide to a US-run manufacturing company?

Our client is an international manufacturer of measuring, testing and navigation equipment, one of whose several development centers and production units is located in Estonia. The products are delivered all over the world.

The company wants to keep its production space as production-oriented as possible, where there is no space for storage space. By streamlining production processes, the customer is ready to take simpler processes and activities out of the factory. At the same time, there are specific requirements for the warehouse space and the activities issued by the company – clean, safe, dry, web traceability and interface capacity, readiness of 24/7 deliveries to ensure that production downtime is avoided.

The customer stores various parts required for packing in Logistika Plus. At the same time, the customer has left the Logistika Plus team to prepare specific product packaging, which is also delivered to the client’s production shop according to the production plan, from where it is sent to the end customer at the next moment.

Logistika Pluss has been able to meet the client’s needs and meet the customer’s requirements, whose focus is to keep production, storage and packaging separate and to outsource non-core activities without fear of supply disruptions or production downtime. Communication with packaging suppliers in connection with monitoring and filling the stock balance is also left to Logistika Plus.

Logistika Pluss is both a warehouse partner and a provider of production support services to the customer. Through effective cooperation, the company has saved 8-10 jobs in warehousing, packaging and input control. Not to mention the time spent communicating with the supplier.

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