Excise warehouse

Excise warehouse

The excise warehouse allows to perform operations with excise goods (alcohol, tobacco).

The importing customer can use the excise warehouse to plan the time of payment of excise duties as needed. The exporting customer can use the excise warehouse to perform additional operations on the products, such as tax marking, labelling, etc.

Intra-European Community movements of excise goods can only take place between excise warehouses and documents can also be completed only by the excise warehouse keeper. Excise goods arriving from third countries and rapid declarations can also be made by a customs broker. We provide you with all the necessary excise goods declaration services.

When selling, producing or brokering excise goods (alcohol, tobacco), you need excise documents (declarations, delivery notes – EAD, AAD). Our declarants have long-term experience and all the necessary licenses to be a reliable partner for you. Just send us the documents related to the goods and we will take care of all the excise business.

The operations of an excise warehouse are as follows:

Goods reception
  • quantity control
  • placement of the goods on pallets

Storage of goods
  • monitoring of the movement of goods on a batch basis (FIFO, FEFO method)
  • inventories
  • we enable the visibility of stock and movements on our customer web (ePluss)
Order processing
  • assembly of goods
  • provision of sales reports
  • preparation of delivery notes
Value-added work
  • labelling
  • repacking
  • labelling of excise stamps
  • reporting for you in MAIS
  • labelling of (alcohol of EU member states) Russian tax stamps
  • checking the condition of the packaging
Delivery of goods

Execution of excise documents